EU Frontiers Policy Paper

The papers published under the EU Frontiers Policy Paper series follow a more classical academic style, in which medium to long-term analysis is based on thorough research. These longer works may still include recommendations as the publication aspires to be policy- and practice-oriented.


Policy Paper No. 18 - Alexandra Karppi: 2018 Bosnian Elections and the Electoral Framework of the Dayton Peace Accords [Download]

Policy Paper No. 17 - László Bence Bari: A Troublesome Idea: the Conceptual History, the Present and the Future of Self-Determination [Download]

Policy Paper No. 16 - Una Bērziņa-Čerenkova, Łukasz Janulewicz (ed.), Jacopo Maria Pepe, Ágnes Szunomár, Richard Q. Turcsányi, Anastas Vangeli: Experiences with Chinese investment in the Western Balkans and the post-Soviet space: Lessons for Central Europe? [Download]

Policy Paper No. 15 - Łukasz Janulewicz and Robert Stüwe: Reconciling core state power integration with market regulation? The potential of the Macron-Rutte alliance [Download]


Policy Paper No. 14 - Łukasz Janulewicz (ed.), Veronika Jóźwiak, Piret Kuusik, Igor Merheim-Eyre, Vasile Rotaru, Zuzana Stuchlíková and Zsuzsanna Végh: From ‘Visegrad Four’ to ‘Varna Four’: The rise and role of regional cooperation in Central and South Eastern Europe [Download]

Policy Paper No. 13 - Lucia Najšlová with Adam Balcer, Rebecca Murray and Zsuzsanna Végh: Should We Upgrade the V4-Turkey Dialogue?[Download]

Policy Paper No. 12 - Zsuzsanna Végh: What do Hungarian Foreign Policy Stakeholders Think? [Download]

Policy Paper No.11 - Eastern Partnership beyond the Riga Summit: Rethinking Cooperation [Download]

Policy Paper No.10 -  Gela Merabishvili: Georgia's Foreign Policy Priority. Relations with the European Union before and after the Change of the Government [Download]

Policy Paper No.9 - Tamás Szigetvári: Turkey is Back. Turkish Interest in the Western Balkans [Download]

Policy Paper No.8 - Achievements of the first Hungarian EU Council Presidency [Download]

Policy Paper No.7 - Dominik Tolksdorf: Stuck between State- and Member State-Building Processes: The Difficulties of the European Union in Supporting the Europeanization of Bosnia-Herzegovina [Download]

Policy Paper No.6 - Igor Lyubashenko: The Rocky Road Ahead: Deepening Good Governance Progress in the Eastern Neighbourhood [Download]

Policy Paper No.5 - Elsa Tulmets: Taking Stock after Enlargement: Social Learning, Norm Transfer and Promoting Good Governance [Download]

Policy Paper No.4 - Dóra Győrffy: The influence of the EU on budgetary management: Experiences from Hungary and Slovakia [Download]

Policy Paper No.3 - Beáta Huszka: Hungary's Western Balkans policy in the Visegrad context [Download]

Policy Paper No.2 - András Deák: Europe speaks gas, Russia thinks oil? [Download]

Policy Paper No.1 - Beáta Huszka: The next enlargement round – the Balkan challenge [Download]


The views, opinion and findings expressed in the papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher.

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