EU Frontiers Policy Brief

The papers published under the EU Frontiers Policy Brief series are short, issue-oriented articles that follow ongoing developments closely and may act as a vehicle for authors to include opinions and short-term recommendations.


Policy Brief No. 23 -  András Deák, Samuel A. Greene, Annamária Kiss (ed.), András Rácz, Tony van der Togt, Sergei Utkin: “A Strategy for Russia” – Russian Foreign Policy and Global Positioning in the Next Decade [Download]

Policy Brief No.22 - Dániel Hegedűs, Łukasz A. Janulewicz, Tomáš Strážay: After the Bundestag Election: What Lies Ahead for German-V4 Cooperation? [Download]

Policy Brief No. 21 - Péter Balázs, Vladimír Bartovic, Vladimír Bilčík, Łukasz A. Janulewicz: The Future of the EU beyond Rome: Views from the Visegrad Countries [Download]

Policy Brief No. 20 - Ilir Kalemaj: Albania caught between the “Scylla” of political antagonism and “Charybdis” of institutional stalemate [Download]

Policy Brief No. 19 - Ivana Radic Milosavljevic: Change in the EU accession approach: A case for a flexible membership [Download]

Policy Brief No. 18 - Jovana Marovic: The European Union’s strategy towards the Western Balkans -“The stairway to nowhere?” [Download]

Policy Brief No. 17 - Hana Semanic: Political transition in Bosnia and Herzegovina [Download]

Policy Brief No. 16 - Damjan Zdravev: The role of the Macedonian civil society in advancing democracy in a captured state [Download]

Policy Brief No. 15 - Peter Balazs: Introduction: European integration Perspectives for the Western Balkans [Download]


Policy Brief No. 14 - Tatiana Romanova: EU–Russia Relations in Light of the Sanctions.Three years on [Download]

Policy Brief No. 13 - Andrey Makarychev: Between the Logic of Transcendence and the Strategy of Re-Entry. Russia and the EU after the Ukraine imbroglio [Download]

Policy Brief No. 12 - Andrey Chernyavskiy: Budget Constraints as the Main Challenge to Russia’s Economic System. Dynamics of Russian corporate foreign debt [Download]

Policy Brief No. 11 - Andrei Belyi: The Two-Way Street Effect of Sanctions. Challenges for the oil and gas business and political pressures [Download]

Policy Brief No. 10 - Vasily Astrov: Russian Economy under Sanctions: What is the way forward?  [Download]

Policy Brief No.9 - Vitaly Ignatiev: The Moldo-Pridnestrovian Region as an Area of Construcive International Cooperation [Download]

Policy Brief No.8 - Alexander Sergunin: The EU-Russia Cooperation on the Transnistrian Conflict Resolution: Challenges and Opportunities [Download]

Policy Brief No.7 - Andrey Makarychev and Alexander Sergunin: The Polish EU Presidency and Russia: A Surprise Success Story or Time Coincidence? [Download]

Policy Brief No.6 - István Szabó: Presentation of the EU-Ukraine Summit in the Ukrainian Media [Download]

Policy Brief No.5 - András Deák: Is the Central European Cohesion in Danger? [Download]

Policy Brief No.4 - Armen Grigoryan: EU-Armenia: Visa Facilitation Possibilities [Download]

Policy Brief No.3 - Antonia Molnarova: Visegrad countries in the eurozone: Process of convergence or divergence towards the euro? [Download]

Policy Brief No.2 - Hana Semanic: October 2010 elections in BiH: An impasse or the way forward? [Download]

Policy Brief No.1 - Tatiana Romanova: The Confusing Results of the EU-Russian Energy Dialogue –Market Making vs. Clean Energy Agenda [Download]


The views, opinion and findings expressed in the papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher.

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