EU Frontiers Student Paper Series

The “EU Frontiers Student Paper Series” is an online journal specifically geared towards students and young experts of European foreign policy. As a policy research institution, the Center for EU Enlargement Studies is dedicated to contributing to the debate on the future of a “Wider Europe” by exploring the results and lessons of previous EU enlargements, assessing the developments concerning the enlargement policy in the Western Balkans and Turkey as well as the neighborhood policy towards the EU’s Eastern neighborhood.

With its activities, CENS seeks to widen the network of experts who deal with the issue of EU enlargement broadly understood. In doing so, the Center is committed to serving as an international hub for young talents –both professional and academic—for discussing the road that lies ahead for Europe, and how previous enlargements have pushed the limits of the European project.

For the “EU Frontiers Student Paper Series” we welcome publications that discuss European enlargement and neighborhood policy vis-à-vis the Western Balkans, the Eastern neighborhood and Turkey; as well as works that deal with the lessons of previous enlargements. Those who aspire to test their analytical and writing skills on pressing issues of EU enlargement and neighborhood policy are welcome to submit manuscripts to the annual call for papers.

Guidelines for authors [Download]

Volume V, November 2018

Luka Ekhvaia - Ana Andguladze - Iryna Shvets: Democratic transition of Post-Socialist and Post-communist societies in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region: Analyzing the past, perceiving the future [Download]

Volume IV, February 2018

Iris Belensky - Managing the Middle: Maneuvering Bulgaria’s Development through EU and Russian influences [Download]

Volume III, June 2015 

Hubert Jäger - No Man is an Iceland: Undeniable Small-state Economies Favouring EU and Eurozone Access [Download]

Alina Jasina - EU-Kazakhstani Relations: Pragmatism After All? [Download]

Csongor Kiss - Meeting the Challenges of Irregular Migration in the Southern Mediterranean:The EU-Libya Cooperation [Download]

Nikola Kosović - Contemporary Disputes between Serbia and Croatia: Roots and Perspectives [Download]

Mihai Popşoi - Does Eastern Partnership Stand a Chance at Visegrad’s Glory? [Download]


Volume II, June 2014

Đana Džafić - Bosnia and Herzegovina towards the European Union: Time to Prioritize [Download]

Mariya Lazarova - The EU’s approach towards Russia: Time for Reconsideration? [Download]

Franziska Eva Loschert - EU Actorness and the Ukraine Crisis: A social constructivist approach [Download]


Volume I, June 2013

Roisin Berghaus - Let’s Talk Turkey: The Economic Impacts of Turkish Accession to the European Union [Download]

Veronika Czina - EU-Ukraine Relations after the 2012 Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine: The Road to Signing the Association Agreement [Download]

Martina Dupáková - Prospects of EU Enlargement: The Case of Stabilization Conditionality in Serbia [Download]

Bojan Elek - Establishing the Rule of Law in Kosovo: The Local Ownership and International Control [Download]

Melinda Krajczár - Lessons of the Libya Crisis: Why the Multi-Level Governance Structure of the EU Makes CSDP Less Effective [Download]

Kateryna Levchuk - EU Towards Belarus: Go Hard and Lose It or Go Smart and Gain It [Download]